Maintaining eye levels

A garden that works from wheel-chair level

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Site: A small garden, with an extreme slope that towered over the house.

Brief: My client uses a mobility scooter, and so the entire scheme needed to be planned so that it could be appreciated from that eye-level.  The two priorities were visual impact and easy maintenance for the gardeners.

The challenging slope of the garden meant that 3D visualisation of the plans was essential both to resolve accessibility issues and to show how the garden would look from different eye levels. This would not be possible from a flat plan.

A flat terrace outside the door made the immediate garden area fully accessible on the same level. I also worked hard to make the remaining slope safe for the gardeners to access and maintain the planting. Timber logs and sleepers were used to create smaller pockets for plants and provide interest. They also provided spaces where new topsoil could be brought to the site to reduce problems caused by the extremely heavy clay soil.

The garden was planted by the client in stages, based on my planting scheme.

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