Welcome to Veitch Garden Design

Malcolm Veitch is a designer with 40 years experience who has designed thousands of gardens across the Midlands, from tiny town plots to a large Elizabethan hall.


I will use my experience as a garden designer to inspire you to:

  • lift your horizons and expect more from your garden
  • invest wisely in your garden

There is no set formula to my gardens; every one is original, shaped to fit your needs.

I can use my skills to:

starbulletsmallanalyse what you need and explore ideas and options

starbulletsmallsketch your ideas, prepare your drawings and choose your plants

starbulletsmallget your project priced and ensure your garden is built properly



Whatever your experience as a gardener I will help you make the best of your garden and give you confidence to develop your ideas. I want you to enjoy the process as much as you will the completed garden.

Find out how I can work with you, view some of my recent designs or contact me and start your journey.

Malcolm Veitch FSGD, MI Hort

Society of Garden Designers - Registered Member     Chartered Institute of Horticulture - Registered Member