Gardening services

Sometimes clients require additional services beyond garden design. I provide a range of landscaping services which can be adapted to your particular needs.

I will involve selected specialists to help you get the best out of your garden and to overcome any problems.

Detailed surveys of your garden: including soil analysis, tree reports, and hydrographical information.

Tree survey and report: in conjunction with a tree surgeon, I will give you a health report of the trees and the work that needs to be done to improve their health, reduce the amount of shade they create, or improve visibility.

Soil analysis: to determine the most appropriate planting scheme or to address specific drainage, weed or other issues.

Reports on your garden: to help you with existing planting, provide you with technical information, and assist with any contractual issues.

Sourcing plants from specialised nurseries: to help locate specific plants.

An aftercare service package: for your plants, lawn and hard landscaped areas – to get the most out of your garden.

Insurance assessment and report: e.g. on landscape work that has been carried out or screening and related issues.

Planning application advice: e.g. compliance with BS5837:2005 protecting existing trees and hedgerows – covers existing trees to be removed – trees to be retained – root protection areas.

Specialist drainage and aeration of wet gardens: advice on how to identify possible cause of poor drainage and appropriate treatment.

Visualisation of schemes using 3D Computer Aided Design: to show you what any changes to your garden will look like from different angles.


Trees and shrub pruning: I will assess your plants’ needs and draw up a plan and cost to prune the existing trees and shrubs to make the garden easier to maintain, allow extra daylight into garden, allow for new planting and make the garden tidier.

Planting out borders: to shortcut the process for smaller projects I can quote for supplying and planting borders, tree schemes and hedgerows.

Please contact me to discuss how these services can bring out the best in your garden.