Garden design

Your garden’s journey

I have developed the six step garden design process to enable you to allow your garden to achieve its potential:

Garden design process_.png

I will spend time with you at the initial visit, seeing your garden through your eyes and looking at your garden’s possibilities.  Although I have 6 steps to offer you, everybody’s needs are different.

Here are some different scenarios:

  • You have a clear idea for your new garden –  you may need all 6 steps.
  • On the other hand you just have a wish list – you may need me to create your ideas as a sketch first to test them out.
  • You want to the work yourself – I will create your ideas as a working sketch which you can adapt as you go.
  • You need to get a contractor – I will finish your plans first and then help you get your quotes. Whether you have a contractor in mind or need me to find a reputable one you will need the plans and get your fixed price quote.

Whatever your journey, I will help you decide which steps you require. I make a point of listening to my clients, which means I will give you sound advice. Throughout the design process I will help you understand how it will look, what it might cost and hopefully get the right contractor to make the garden you dreamed of.

Showing how an idea is developed through from an initial concept sketch, via a 3D plan to a construction drawing.
From sketch to plan to construction drawing, a garden designer will help you make your dreams a reality


You can read more about the design process or contact me to discuss your garden design needs.

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