Coastal climate

Dealing with coastal conditions

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Site: A large, open and windswept garden on the coast of North Wales. Although the garden is near the coast, the strongest winds are down from Snowdonia, making the garden colder than would normally be expected.

Brief: I have worked with the clients on numerous occasions over 16 years, adapting and improving the garden according to their developing needs. Most recently the clients wanted to install a greenhouse, to meet their interest in growing begonias and photographing butterflies.

With the coastal location, a wooden greenhouse would not last. I helped the clients select an appropriate aluminium model and resolve issues with local planners because the original location was too close to an internal boundary. 3D drawings helped to visualise the necessary changes, and plan how the greenhouse would interact with the remaining garden.

One of my services was to find a reputable contracts supervisor for the client, to act as project manager. This was vital for the success of the scheme as the client was out during the day.

Now the greenhouse is in place I have redesigned borders to tie in the new building, reusing some of the existing plants and bringing in new ones to complement them.

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